#Indonesia is more peaceful without the FPI, an #islamic group

February 14th, people marched against the FPI.

In order to protest against radical islamist violence toward minorities, more and more people take to the street. Someone has been seen brandishing a pig plush and a sign hostile to FPI.

Policemen declared that they can’t protect the protesters from the Islamic Defenders Front known locally as FPI, a vigilante group known for raiding bars and nightclubs, to flourish over the last decade.

In more recent times, the FPI has expanded to target religious minorities. The group has forced the closure of churches in West Java and was allegedly at the center of a brutal mob attack on a minority Islamic sect, the Ahmadiyah, that ended in the fatal beating of three of its members in February 2011. The shift in tactics and increased focus on religious minorities has spurred a smattering of citizens to finally speak their mind.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono remains passive regarding the situation.


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